Monday, March 23, 2009



week2 homework2

It is a video collage, features depictions of doom and destruction – war, violence and terror – as they appear in cinema, one of our entertainment options. Doomed comprises cut-and paste editing techniques in a highly entertaining and black-humorous take on the bleak side of our current psychological landscape. It looks at both entirely fictional and reconstructed disastrous events. It occupies its own unique symbolism and filmic territory – the poignant, sublime and epic, the tragic, the B-grade and downright trashy. The accumulation of scene, however, within Moffatt’s own essaying, creates a narrative whole comprised of parts. It is important that the title ‘Doomed’ has the quality of the not yet destroyed. It is a description that is applied on individuals, families, lovers, politics, and nations – an observation made from the outside and yet containing the possibility that situations can be salvaged.

week2 homework1

It consists of dozens of simulacra of birds’ nests of all shapes and sizes.It is made of monolithics and it includes a number of three-dimensional objects made entirely from minute glass beads threaded onto wire.Using these material because the designer want to make it protective and only by these materials can it be this sculpt to illustrate the meaning in this work. What's more, it is also a symbol of our time that transforms the patterns of nature into the fabric of conflict and hostility.


Monday, March 16, 2009

Monday, March 9, 2009

Gascoigne: Untitled (1992-93)

Moffatt:Doomed (2007)

Hall:Detail (2005)

Preview 1

Isamu Noguchi: Practicality, circumgtrate, balanceable

Sweet City-My hometown

Try to imagine the feeling when you walk across the street and catch such beautiful scene! I love you Hangzhou.

Dream Place

This place is one of my dream. The Buri al-arab is the first seven star hotel in the world. Moreover, the whole architecture is a magical piece in my point of view.

My Favourite Piece

The idea of my ceramic work took from the architecture in  Barcelona which was designed by famous architect Antonio Gaudi.